February 05, 2014
Elvis Duran

—Sock of the Month Club

Sock of the Month Club was talked about on the Elvis Duran Show.  Check it out.

December 16, 2013

We were featured in the McCombs Alumni Product Guide

September 23, 2013

Ephemeral marketing in San Francisco at Dolores park

August 06, 2013

The Great White Sock Terror

What animal isn’t scared of boring white socks?  I’ve been known to scream at the sight of these things just dangling on the ankles of unfashionable folks. 

May 13, 2013

Sock News

Quick update: Sock of the Month Club is now featured in New York’s Time Out magazine. The article elaborates on how much more awesome it is to get certain items delivered to you. It quotes, “There’s something undeniably appealing about having everyday essentials such as socks, underwear, razors and condoms shipped directly to your door.” Plus it is way better than taking that a trip to the store or mall, which- we already know- stores don’t exactly put their socks on display or make shopping for them too fun nowadays.

In the article, you’ll read about other subscription clubs that will deliver items such as razors and ties. But, none of the mentioned items will be sent to your door wrapped in twine and branded with a wax seal like Sock Club does it. And the fact the design and brand of the sock is a mystery makes it even more exciting to finally get them. Who knows what next month’s socks going to be? When you break that twine and rip through the paper, the colors and patterns that were unfamiliar become revealed. 

You’ll notice in the Time Out article that the items are separated into men and women categories. It describes Sock of the Month Club as one that caters to men. But don’t you fret, ladies; Sock of the Month Club isn’t just for the guys. It appeals to both genders. The socks can be worn by everyone and they can be great gifts. They’re gift wrapped already anyway! The package will also include whatever birthday message or crazy comment you want if giving a membership is what you had in mind. That’s why this club is the best of the best. 

Check it out. http://www.timeout.com/newyork/shopping/best-subscription-delivery-services-for-everyday-basics





May 01, 2013

Cast Away Socks…

Try to recall your last shopping trip. Whether or not you really wanted to spend all day perusing the stores or you were tagging along with the girlfriend, the mall can be a pretty overwhelming place. Miles of clothes, accessories, and shoes not wanting to be looked over, all set up on display. But wait. Where are the socks? While you’re already looking over the thousands of other items to be purchased, you almost forget about the main element that ties an outfit together. The extension of the shoe or the compliment to the pants or dress, socks should never be the cast away item. You’re wandering around an H&M and you see a small basket that you half heartedly look into; it’s full of bundles of socks that are just thrown aside like the rejected child of the fashion world. Socks need their own display where a shopper can walk in and say, “Awesome. I want those socks.”

Members of Sock of the Month Club: we are the ones who could put an end to this discrimination. After you receive your socks in the mail, wear them proudly; there is no doubt you won’t intrigue at least one person with that snazzy accessory on your feet. And after some time, store owners will notice and finally, socks will have their grand display they should have had all along. There needs to be a change. And it can start with us.



April 03, 2013

Big Boi’s Socks

While other celebrities design their lines of clothes or brand of fragrances, one icon is launching what he knows to be the most crucial of accessories. Referring himself as the “sock king,” Outkast rapper Big Boi will collaborate with retailer, Crooks & Castle, to design a line of trendy socks. Big Boi recently attended the Nike World Basketball Festival dressed all in black with a flash of color as he rocked vibrant green and pink socks that had yellow capes attached to them. At the Sock Club, we understand and fully support making a statement with a great pair of socks. Big Boi is taking a step in the right direction.

Big Boi’s sock line will premier in HotLanta, Georgia in the near future. Keep an eye out for them. We certainly will!


October 17, 2012

Science Socks

Its October, fall is in full swing, colors are changing, and yet another great opportunity to wear colorful socks. We recently found a wonderful and unique sock company whose founder always loved to wear colorful socks. She could never find ones that reflected her personality and interests, so she started to make her own. We love the attitude! Thus the creation of STEMsocks which merges the celebration of science with fun and exciting socks.

STEMsocks seeks to revamp science’s nerdy image and promote scientific literacy, and that’s what STEMsocks is all about.  STEMsocks aims to celebrate science, promote a more modern version of science, and encourage scientific literacy to lessen the distance between the scarily lay and the overly technical.

Their socks are proudly manufactured in the United States (in North Carolina, that’s right Tar Heel Nation!) and personally designed by the founder. The socks are a blend of cotton, lycra, nylon, and elastic.

 Additionally, 5% of sales go to support CSLnet, a non-profit aiming to increase STEM knowledge and skills for students in California.  People, take a minute and check out the great comments on the site and all their great socks.

(Source: sotmclub.com)

October 02, 2012

October Sock

Our sock explorers discovered a sock company that can make amazing socks and the world a better place.  PACT is an apparel company with a simple idea; make clothes with green energy and fund great causes. This season they were inspired by the Sustainable Food Center of Austin, TX, which hits close to home for us. A portion of their proceeds will go towards this amazing cause, and we are proud to present the October sock to you and what all it represents. We hope you love them as much as we do!

As if donating profits wasn’t enough, their socks are made with organic yarn and manufactured at an eco-friendly factory in Turkey powered by wind energy! PACT has found a way to make great socks while working towards making the world a better place. 

September 16, 2012

Classic Socks

While doing some suit stunt’n and adorning a beautiful pair of mid-calve socks, I experienced a style problem: they kept slipping down, showing too much bare calve. This was playing havoc on my attempt at looking well-tailored.  While searching for a great solution a dear friend of mine introduced me to Dapper Classics, a sock company dedicated to supplying men with high-quality over-the-calf socks. These are great looking socks that provide a perfect solution to bare calve syndrome.

Not only does Dapper Classics make awesome socks they have a great story. Made in a third generation textile mill in North Carolina they are the great American made sock story.  Aside from being the greatest state in the union (go Tar Heels), North Carolina has an incredibly rich history in textiles. Unfortunately, there is hardly any of the industry left, so it is pretty cool to see one company bringing it back. Check them out here

(Source: sotmclub.com)

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